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Abhyas School of Yoga

“Abhyas School of Yoga is an idea that can catapult the entire spectrum of what yoga we know about today. Abhyas School of Yoga is about preparing you to receive the higher energies that you are most entitled to! It is not just confined to the physical postures but beyond it, way beyond it.

So, as you do these asanas, they are only there to help you attune your energy in such a subtle manner that you are most conducive to receive those energies that flow from the zone divine, through which you can operate.

Once you operate from those subtle energies you won't be operating from your deep-rooted egoistical framework of your conditioning because you are nothing but 'having been conditioned': The one who you are 'having been conditioned' in a specific manner and that is not who you are.

So, once you release all those and start operating from subtle energies which are more attuned with you, which are more aligned with your highest purpose and highest self of yours, you start becoming magically-different person altogether. And this is what Abhyas School of Yog is gonna get you—to that platform.

So be ready! Be more receptive. Much love and regards to you.“ - Naam Deo

Swami Ji
Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj

The Master

“The yogi knows as much about 'Life' as about Death & Beyond. The birth & death is the same for such a yogi. The dimension of death & birth is transcended by a Yogi of a higher order. Such is the Glory of a Yogi. Few seekers know about such an esteemed Yogi. One such Supreme Master of the Yogis is Maharshi Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj“. - Naamdeo

The Supremely Revered Himalaya Yogi, Anant Shri Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj, was a Great Soul of His time, endowed with unparalleled Yogic brilliance. After practicing to perfection Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga and other different types of yogas, He experienced, in a crystal clear manner in Samadhi (the state of union with the Almighty), the principles and practical technique of BrahmVidya Vihangam Yoga. The Omniscient Sadguru is the Knower of this Yog, and it is known only by the Grace of Sadguru.

For living a long and healthy life, for human beings in the entire world, He has written the book Yog-Chandrika on the basis of His own experiences. In this book, He has described those special techniques of yoga in a simple language. By regular practice, it is possible to make life healthy and long. For a happy life, physical health and freedom from disease also have a great significance.

Therefore, if practitioners of Vihangam Yoga and other well-intentioned people practice the various techniques given in this book, after learning the proper method from Abhyas School of Yoga, then they will receive much benefit.

Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj's ways to cleanse the souls of the blemishes to awaken the greater attributes within—the guiding force to ascend the 'nature of flow' into a conscious realm of life, beyond the mundane existence!

The Master is universal & so is the science of His teachings. We bow down to HIS BEING to bestow upon us the LIFE beyond the existentialism of life. The lost is found in HIM.

Naam Deo

Naam Deo is the founder of Abhyas School of Yoga. Through this school, he is imparting the universal knowledge of the real essence of Yog. He says that Yoga cannot be restricted to just the physical postures, kriyas and mudras; the yoga of the physical realm extends much beyond the boundaries of present day Hatha yoga. The 'Abhyas School of Yoga' not only teaches, but also imparts the Yoga of the physical realm to bring about the change we seek in our lives. He says the message that the real essence of Yog wants to provide and help you with is 'how you could find yourself and do what is needed'.

He helps every individual who comes up to him and unwinds their constructs and uplifts them. Only the Saint or the Yogee of a higher order has experiences that are beyond space and time. The dimension of this Universe is transcended by such a Yogee, the one that Naam Deo is.

Naam Deo


Yog has two planes—one is the zone of Prakriti and the other is the Zone of Pure Consciousness. In the 'Yog Chandrika', yoga instructions are there only for the zone of Prakriti. Mantra-yoga, laya-yoga, raja-yoga, hatha-yoga—all these yogas are only of the zone of Prakriti, that is to say, all these yogas are Prakritik (i.e., of the physical zone). The basis for all these is 'the Kundalini and the Prana & Manah'. Their main zone extends from the Muladhara Chakra up to the Brahm-Randhra (the Door of Brahm, the Tenth Door).

All their practices are confined to the Pind and the Brahmand; and they are performed on the basis of Prakriti, using Prakritik prana, manah and air. The hatha-yoga has numerous merits and numerous benefits; and the practitioners of the hatha-yoga are surely strong and free from disease, and living happily & peacefully, live long with an excellent body—and upon attaining Sadgurudeo's shelter, those hatha-yogis and the like also become eligible for sincere devotion to the Almighty & liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Therefore, we must do even Prakritik yogas such as hatha-yoga and the like. The second zone, the zone of consciousness, is of Saints. Yog performed in the zone of consciousness is called Vihangam Yoga, and this Vihangam Yoga has been prescribed in the four Vedas. The Omniscient Sadguru is the Knower of this Yog, and it is known only by the Grace of Sadguru.

Yog Tattva Darpan

In the science of spirituality, external TattvaGyaan (theoretical knowledge of the eternal entities) & the inner practical technique (by which the theoretical knowledge is experienced practically)—these are the two main aspects. Only upon having complete understanding of these, seekers & practitioners achieve the highest goal of life by living under the Sadguru's shelter & doing sadhana for a long time.

First of all, it is necessary to have a 'crystal-clear understanding' of external TattvaGyaan. In the past 2500 years, various schools of thought have emerged. Each one among these has as their originator a different, unique, great man. They have formulated spiritual doctrines that are an outcome of their particular individual intellect & personal experience. They have differing view-points with respect to each other. Therefore, their doctrines based on thinking & contemplation cannot be completely true; they cause illusion. Due to this very reason, today's well-educated, intellectual, learned people become confused after following the doctrinal texts propounded by these schools of thought.

Therefore, to get the understanding of the correct principles, there is great need to have a text that has been written by a Maharshi, by the Sadguru on the basis of their experiences born of Samadhi (state of union with the Almighty Supreme Being). This text of spiritual principles is exactly such a book. This book has been written by Anant Shri Maharshi Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj after directly seeing all entities in the state of Samadhi.

Yog Tattva Darpan

This book is written in the form of sutras. It is divided into 5 lessons. In each lesson, the author has presented spiritual principles in the form of sutras. By continuing to regularly study, think about & contemplate upon the sutras given in this book, seekers with a thirst for spirituality will get the right guidance. After that, upon coming under the Sadguru's shelter, there will be complete and authentic clarification of spiritual principles by means of the first-hand empirical knowledge obtained through continuously practising the inner practical technique; then seekers can make their factual conclusion regarding modern faiths & their divergent views because now they will have the correct & sharp spiritual vision to examine with.