Weight Management

A safe and effective way to lose weight, this program improves your metabolism, restoring energy and vitality. It is done by balancing the elements in the body through Ayurvedic diet, tailored asana, pranayama and Ayurvedic detox program (Panchakarma).

The Comprehensive Weight Management Program starts with procedures to eliminate the ama or the metabolic waste from the body. Other therapeutic treatments and herbal preparations move the toxins and metabolic waste through the ‘srothas’ or circulatory channels as a preparation to eliminate them through the Panchakarma or cleansing procedures.

A balanced diet based on your current needs and Ayurvedic lifestyle routine is prescribed as after care to maintain the result of the cleanse. Our weight management program promotes lightness in the body and mind, better digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients, increased metabolism and the natural reduction of excess weight.

Food is an intrinsic factor in balancing the elements according to each individual’s needs. Conscious eating is highly recommended by which the full essence of food can be assimilated by the body in an aware and respectful manner.

  • Specially tailored therapeutic Asana program focused on increasing metabolism
  • Therapeutic individually tailored Ayurvedic Yoga program including asana, pranayama, mudra.
  • Diet recommendation (Ayurvedic Sattvic food as medicine)
  • Lifestyle change recommendations
  • Ayurvedic treatments and herbal preparations that help to balance the elements and reduce excess weight
  • Talk on lifestyle changes.
  • Understanding the root cause
  • Making lasting changes
  • Lightness in the body and mind
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Increased mobility
  • Enhanced function of internal organs
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved Physical Health
  • Overall Well-being
  • Mental clarity & new perspective
Duration: 14 and 21 days
Level: Foundation, Comprehensive
Asana session1020
Pranayama session1020
Dietary recommendations35
Talk on lifestyle23
Personal Ayurvedic consultation13
Ayurveda Therapy1421
Note: Sessions may differ based on the consultant's recommendations.